Our mission is to reveal headwear, headscarves, turban hats, snoods, headbands and customized headgear as a fashion accessories in their own right.

In response to active women’s demands, whether a woman covers her hair daily or in a punctual way, we want to give the headscarf her true meaning.

For those who cover their heads by belief, fashionistas who use it as a fashion accessory, or those who suffer from temporary alopecia, the headscarf is the additional element that will highlight your femininity.

Introducing new products in line with trends and changing the use of headscarves, turbans, headbands, is our passion.



Our products are made with care in our workshop and are thought to be easy to put on, light and comfortable, thanks to our hair volumizer, The BOUBOU.

We have created several models to suit all women and all tastes.


Hair accessories have become indispensable in our wardrobe. They complement and embellish your fashion outfits day and night.


It has never been more natural to accessorize your outfit with snoods, headscarves, turbans and headbands. All our hair accessories are practical, easy to use and modern, in keeping with women’s lifestyle. Each model goes with a video to learn in a fun way how to place it well.


Each outfit is influenced or influences the way you choose your headscarf, snood or turban hat. Choosing the right one, shaping it, has become a creative moment during which you reinvent new infinite possibilities. Rinati Lakel accessories are inspired by the best designers and street style to look like you.


Wearing a head covering accessory means following the codes of a spiritual woman’s life who is active in the fashion #modest #tznius community. You share a collective passion: expressing your belief and keeping on being fashionable.

Join us and let us share your passion, your inspiration, your creativity and your femininity that make our strength to all.


In 2001, the life of Rinati Lakel, the creator, falls apart. Her body was third-degree burned in a serious domestic accident, leaving her temporarily without hair.

Born in Paris, the capital of fashion, Rinati has always been fashionable and elegant.

She wants to remain the woman she was at all costs. She rediscovers her femininity and style thanks to a headscarf she elegantly tied up around her head, concealing her temporary alopecia. Rinati decides to put all her senses into action. She creates the first fancy scarves that hold perfectly. She transforms them into practical, astute pieces of pure sophistication.

In 2008, Rinati Lakel revolutionizes the world of headscarves.

She creates LE BOUBOU, a hair volumizer designed to hold the scarf and ensures it has a homogeneous volume.

This base LE BOUBOU is declined in several models and volumes thought to be comfortable and suitable for all women.

Thanks to this ingenious invention, RINATI LAKEL’s brand has acquired its reputation.

The door opened wide to the universe of headscarves and hair accessories.


Rinati Lakel offers a wide range of headscarves and accessories such as scarves, turbans, boubous, berets, elastic bands, imagining new collections throughout the seasons and creating custom-made items.

Today, Rinati Lakel, creates 4 collections per year, including a large variety of items, suitable to all tastes, easy to put on and versatile. We work with a wide range of materials inspired by trends and the greatest designers.

Rinati Lakel also creates custom made items, adapted to all kinds of occasions.


The HAIR VOLUMIZER BOUBOU (patented model) is what we call a “hair volumizer”, which is placed on the head to hold the scarf and also to give it a homogeneous and aesthetic volume. The top is in velvet in order to bring a lot of grip when wearing it with your headscarf, snood or turban hat. The back is in natural cotton, which lets your hair breathe.

The YOMI is a timeless piece, a french style headscarf dedicated to elegant women. It is suitable for both day and nightwear. Plain or print fabric, It appeals to all women. It can be accessorized with a lacy, silky or tulle headband or with a jewel.


The Rinati Lakel +

Rinati Lakel has decided to highlight the different knots with short and playful tutorials. When a woman wears an elegantly knotted scarf, she develops an positive self image of a sophisticated and confident woman.

To change knotting is like renewing oneself endlessly. It becomes a real pleasure on a daily basis.


Besides the permanent and seasonal collections, RINATI LAKEL puts all its knowledge and aesthetic sense into practice for your events, weddings, religious ceremonies or gala evenings.

From his sewing workshop, Rinati created the custom-made headdress suitable for your evening outfit.


The brand offers a rich selection of fabrics and colors, fostering quality.

Rinati Lakel’s favorite materials are veil, chiffon, or silk, which are light and prestigious materials enabling beautiful knotting.


Today, we continue to grow within Rinati Lakel Boutique-Atelier and market our accessories through various networks in 7 countries: United States, Canada, France, England, Israel and South Africa.