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Torah-observant Orthodox Jewish women are required to cover their heads after they get married, but there is still some debate about what the tzniut practice entails. 

There are also different opinions among Reformed and Conservative Jewish communities as to whether the obligation to cover one’s head is Dat Moshe or Dat Yehudi—is it immutable divine law or community tradition?

The good news is that no matter your personal beliefs, many attractive Jewish women’s hair covering options are suitable for any occasion—every day, evening, or special event, full or partial covering.

Here, we will take a closer look at some of the most popular hair covering choices for today’s fashionable Orthodox Jewish women.

Tichel: Traditional Daily Headscarves

Also called a tichel in Yiddish or a mitpachat in Hebrew, a daily headscarf is the most common way to be both beautiful and modest. These scarves can be as simple as plain-colored cotton kerchiefs, or they can be multicolored and made from several fabrics.

These Jewish head covering scarves typically come in two types:

  • Sinar Tichel—Also called an “apron” tichel because of their similar shapes, a sinar tichel is a square piece of fabric with two attached bands that wrap around the head.
  • A Full-Cover Tichel—A solid piece of fabric—square, rectangular, or triangular—that is folded and tied to completely cover all of a married woman’s hair. 

A tichel is one of the very versatile Jewish head covering scarves and can be worn in many different ways, based on the tying technique employed, simple or elaborate, and depending on your mood and the occasion. In other words, it lets you express your individual personality.

Tichels can be made of any material, from plain cotton to silk to modern-day synthetics. A tichel made from cashmere wool is commonly referred to as a pashmina.

Women who want to cover their hair completely will often wear a boubou or snood under their tichel to prevent hair accidentally slipping out from underneath. 

Besides preserving modesty, these items also add volume. Similarly, many women choose to strategically wear a velvet headband beneath their scarf to keep it in place throughout the day.

Turbans: An Elegant Option

A turban is a Jewish head covering scarf with a strip of cloth you put in place by winding rather than wrapping and tying. It is an excellent alternative for women who want to mix it up and try a new look other than scarves. 

Best of all, there are now pull-on styles that deliver the distinctive look and attitude of a turban without the need for time-consuming wrapping. 

Women who wear this Jewish women head covering exude confidence and elegance with every step. Picture a modern-day Nora Desmond or Gloria Swanson, and you will have a pretty good idea of the grace and élan projected.

Turbans are chic and versatile, and they pair equally well with casual outfits, business attire, and even formal wear. They are an essential accessory for any woman wanting a fashionable hair covering. 

Hats: The Hair Covering Option You Should Consider

Another attractive head covering for Jewish women that is follows Dat Moshe and Dat Yehudi is a hat. Ladies can wear this option either with or without an underlying scarf. Many Orthodox women never even consider this fun and modern style choice.

As long as it can be worn in such a way to conceal the hair, any style of hat can be appropriate—cloche, pillbox, Bretton, or skimmer. Formal or fun, whatever your personal fashion sense and whatever the particular situation, there is always a hat that is right for you.

Berets: Tzniut Can Be Fun

Easy to throw on, a beret is a perfect choice for the Jewish woman on the go who is too busy to spend a lot of time wrapping or winding. Just tuck in your hair, secure the beret with a few pins, and you are ready in a flash to meet the day.

Here’s a fun fact—although many people associate berets with early 20th-century France, this style of headgear has actually been worn in Europe for thousands of years, traceable all the way back to the Bronze Age.

Headbands: The Modern Choice 

If your beliefs only require you to cover some of your hair, then the right headband can be the Jewish women’s head covering that you have been looking for. A headband can be a simple, hassle-free testament to one’s cultural identity and pride.

This is especially true for women from Reform and Conservative communities where the accepted standards of modesty have evolved closer in step with the modern world. 

Many women in these communities do not cover their hair on a daily basis, and even when they do, they only do so symbolically, wearing a small covering while leaving most of their hair visible.

In other words, a colorful printed headband might be the perfect option for the modern Jewish woman. 

The Bottom Line About Hair Coverings for Jewish Women

Covering one’s hair is a deep and very personal mitzvah. In today’s world, the good news is a woman has many wonderful options, so there is no need to feel limited in any way. You have more choices today than at any other point in history. Tzniut is easier than ever before.

So, which style is right for you?

Why not ALL of them?

Keep in mind, the question at hand is not one of tichels versus turbans or hats versus scarves. It does not have to be an either-or situation. The only question a woman really needs to ask herself is: Which hair coverings make her feel and look her best?

In the end, how you choose to cover your hair reflects not just your beliefs and pride in your heritage but also your sense of personal style and self-expression. 

Observing tzniut does not preclude feeling both beautiful and confident. Experiment with different head coverings, tying techniques, and outfits until you find the look that works for YOU.

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You know how some days you wake up with an urgent need for an energy or morale boost?

At Rinati Lakel, we believe in the power of colors. Wearing certain colors can help you present yourself in a certain way, and can empower, energize and rejuvenate you.


The most common headscarf color is black, and it really is no wonder. Black has traditionally been a symbol of power, sophistication and formality, making it a perfect choice for important meetings or classy parties.

Perfect Combos: Add a tad of white for pure, clean energy; blue for a sense of trust and security; red for intense energy.


Gray and Silver can be a tricky pair. While gray often seems conservative and boring, it in fact displays a dependable and practical personality. Silver is an enhanced version of gray, displaying a modern school of thought and sleek manners.

Blue and Purple

The colors of royalty, blue and purple hold a special place in our hearts. Blue/purple hues project a peaceful, calming energy, and provide a sense of trust, security and wisdom.

Perfect Combos: Silver will enhance any look featuring blue and/or purple, and will add a sophisticated, classy vibe.


The blossoming and fresh green is always a breath of fresh air. Green reminds us of nature, wealth, and collaboration. It helps us instill a positive, fertile vibe in the room, and brings a refreshing nature to any conversation.


Energy, passion and action are all the main characteristics of red. We recommend using red sparingly, to add a touch of fierceness and leadership to any outfit. Choose a headscarf with red undertones, or add a red accessory to make any outfit pop.

Perfect Combos: Blue and white both pair perfectly with red, and create an invested, goal-oriented look.


Looking to create new relationships? Feeling adventurous? Orange radiates happiness and warmth, and helps you create emotional strength, and portray support and recovery. Optimism, uplift and spirit rejuvenation are all related to the orange color, making it perfect for professionals in the mental health field, marketing and sales departments, and communications experts.

Perfect Combos: Green and blue help the orange become more subtle, thus combining green and blue with orange creates a well-balanced atmosphere.


Pink is a feminine, soft color, representing a compassionate and thoughtful personality. Pink also reminds us of innocent childhood times, and allows us to use our intuition and insights, without compromising positive energy and hope.

Perfect Combos: White, gray and mint green.


The color of purity and innocence, white is perfect for holiday season, mid-summer events, or spiritual occasions.

Perfect Combos: As a pure color, white can be combined with literally every other color on the planet. Choose black, gold or silver for sophisticated, sleek looks; red, blue or purple for enhanced nuances or green, orange and yellow to add a bright, fresh vibe to your look.

The Rinati Lakel Collection features endless color combinations – from casual to elegant, from colorful to solid. Our team will be happy to help you decide on the perfect color combo for your next event!

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על פי ההלכה כל אישה נשואה חייבת לכסות את השיער שלה, בין אם זה באמצעות פאה, מטפחת, או כובע. מטפחות הראש קיבלו משמעות חדשה בשנים האחרונות. אם בעבר כיסוי הראש לא היה בולט במיוחד, היום הוא הפך לפריט המרכזי בלוק של אישה דתייה.

התפתחותן של מטפחות מעוצבות

בעבר המטפחות היו חלק שולי וסטנדרטי בלוק של אישה דתייה, רובן היו באותם צבעים, בדרך כלל צבעים חלקים ובגזרה משולשת, אשר נקשרת בחלקו האחורי של הראש מתחת לשיער. במידה והאישה רצתה לשדרג היא הייתה צריכה להיות מאוד יצירתית ולא להסתפק רק במה שהשוק מציע.

מטפחת הראש עברה כמה גלגולים ושינויים עד שהיא הגיעה למה שהיא היום. כל זה קרה בזכות נשים שרצו לשדרג את מראה המטפחות הישנות, והתחילו לשלב בין שתי מטפחות שונות, בצבעים שונים. או לשלב מטפחת עם סרט וכולי.

היום אין כבר צורך למצוא דרכים יצירתיות ולאלתר כדי לשדרג את מראה המטפחת המסורתית. השוק היום מציע מטפחות ראש תפורות במגוון רחב של סוגי בדים ושילובי צבעים ייחודיים ואופנתיים. התפתחות המטפחת מאפשר לאישה הדתייה לבטא את עצמה ואת הטעם האישי שלה, במסגרת גבולות הצניעות של ההלכה.

בנוסף לצבעים הנועזים והבדים הייחודיים, פותחו גזרות חדשות של מטפחות, מלבד הגזרה המשולשת. המטפחות יכולות להגיע בצורת צעיף מלבני, ואפילו בצורת T, שנועדו להשיג מראה אופנתי ומיוחד, ונוח יותר לקשירה ולהתנהלות היומיומית. כל אישה צריכה לנסות מספר סוגי קשירות כדי להגיע לקשירה המתאימה לה ביותר.

קשירת מטפחות

כאמור לעיל, עם התפתחות המטפחת המודרנית והססגונית, התפתחו גם שיטות שונות של קשירת מטפחות, וכל אחת יכולה להנות מקשירה מותאמת באופן ספציפי לראש שלה, ולטעם שלה. חלק הקשירה של המטפחת הוא חלק קריטי בדיוק כמו העיצוב והבד האיכותי. 

כמה פעמים נתקלתן באישה עם מטפחת שקשורה באופן מסורבל והיה בא לכן לסדר לה את זה? יש היום סרטוני הדרכה מקצועיים בנושא, נגישים שיכולים ללמד כל אחת שיטה המתאימה לה.

התאמת המטפחת לפיגמנט

לכל אישה יש פיגמנט שונה, צבע הפיגמנט מושפע מהמוצא שלנו. הפיגמנטים נחלקים לשניים, פיגמנט אדום ופיגמנט צהוב. התאמה נכונה של צבע המטפחת לפיגמנט שלנו תעשה הבדל משמעותי, ותקבלי המון מחמאות מאנשים שלא יידעו להצביע על מה בדיוק שונה וייחודי. 

איך תדעי מהו הפיגמנט שלך?

הדרך הטובה ביותר לגלות מהו הפיגמנט הטבעי שלך באמצעות דרך מהירה ופשוטה. בחלל מואר בין אם זה אור השמש או תאורה לבנה (ולא צהובה), את יכולה להניח על כתף אחת בד כחול ועל הכתף השנייה בד צהוב. אם הצד הכחול מואר יותר, הפיגמנט שלך הוא צהוב, לפיגמנט צהוב מומלץ ללבוש צבעים קרים שמטשטשים את הצהוב בפנים. ואילו אם הצד הצהוב זוהר יותר, הפיגמנט שלך הוא אדום. לפיגמנט אדום יתאימו צבעים חמים כמו צהוב ואדום לקבלת מראה זוהר ומחמיא יותר.

מטפחות מעוצבות של רינתי לקלי

הסטודיו של המעצבת רינתי לקלי הינו סטודיו בוטיק למטפחות מעוצבות, ברטים וסרטים אופנתיים. הסטודיו מעמיד לרשותך קולקלציה עשירה ומגוונות של מטפחות מעוצבות, בסרטים וברטים לשימוש יומיומי וגם לאירועים חגיגיים. 

כל דגמי הסטודיו מיוצרים במתפרת כחול לבן בירושלים, וכל תהליך הייצור מלווה על ידי המעצבת באופן אישי, על מנת לבצע בקרת איכות ולשים דגש על תפירה איכותית. מחפשת מטפחות מעוצבות? הגעת בדיוק למקום הנכון. צרי קשר ואנחנו נדאג לכל השאר.

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If you’re fashionable, up-to-date with the latest trends, and a woman with a unique sense of style, we’re sure you’ve heard about our brand – RINATI LAKEL. Established in 2008, our mission was to provide beautiful, high-quality and lightweight headscarves for all women. Each headscarf was carefully designed and chosen by Rinati, and made to last as indispensable wardrobe essentials.

The brand’s flagship item is of course the Boubou volumizer, designed to make covering your hair simple and beautiful, but just a volumizer isn’t enough. That’s where the beautiful headscarves come in!

Yomi Casual Headscarves 

The Yomi casual headscarf collection includes an enchanting array of French-style headscarves for elegant women. It’s easy application make it suitable for night and day, and it is available in plain or print fabrics, to match any day-to-day outfit. 

Tip: For a unique look, accessorize your Yomi with a lacy, silky or tulle headband, or add a jewel for that extra sparkle!

Rinati Lakel Collection Headscarves

The diverse COLLECTION headscarves are released every 3 months, and include a limited selection of beautiful and trendy headscarves designed with the season’s favorite materials, prints and designs in mind.

These headscarves are usually suitable for events and parties, and use elegant materials and accessories to enhance their beauty and appeal. 

Turban Collection

Some days, we all need a turban for a precise, exact and sharp look. The COSI adjustable turbans are available in several material and accessory combos, and all ensure an unforgettable appearance. 

Stylish Berets

You know that moment, when you need to run out of the house to a meeting, work or an event, and simply have no time to tie a scarf? Or perhaps you don’t enjoy fussing about every morning? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our collection of comfortable berets will allow you to easily cover your hair in style! Each beret has a unique design and color combination, and will make sure you shine!

Haute Couture Headscarves

Important event coming up? Have a dress, but you can’t find a matching headscarf? Our Haute Couture option provides you with a one-on-one meeting with a personal stylist, who will help you figure out the right style, tie and scarf for your face shape, dress and skill-level. 

Another option is filling out the intuitive online form with details about the required scarf, and receiving a response with a selection of scarves to choose from – it’s that simple!

As part of the excellent service, and because Rinati Lakel really cares about modesty, head covering and each customer, she’s created a unique tutorial section on the website. The section features the Kaly headscarf, which requires minimal tying, and is perfect for active women and daily use.

Another tutorial is dedicated to the YomYom headscarves – a popular Rinati Lakel staple, and a separate tutorial explains how to don a Yomi scarf the perfect way.

We hope that while visiting our website you’ve gained inspiration, imagination and a true sense of worth.

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