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Rinati Lakel works around the clock and beyond imagination to highlight our scarves, and in addition provides excellent customer service. We hope that in the same way, you can help us spreading the color and good humor around !
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The range of scarves and accessories manufactured by Rinati Lakel are always made with the view that elegance and practicality can be combined. We now have a workshop in Jerusalem, and boutique representatives in different parts of the world: United States, Canada, France, England, Israel and South Africa.
In addition to our custom shop, Rinati Lakel offers 4 collections per year and a range of fabrics, colors and various accessories. Each new model is accompanied by a tutorial explaining how to wear each one of our scarves.
Offering the products of Rinati Lakel to your clients is always a constant source of inspiration. Your creativity is constantly boosted amid all these beautiful headscarves.
Our products are sold worldwide. Each store is different and has its own personality, it is our state of mind.
The Working conditions are the following:
You must put an order of at least 500 euro, and of about 11 euro per kg for shipping. (The shipment is in charge of the reseller).
Payment is made to order by credit card, by bank transfer or PayPal count.