Kaly Hair Scarf

This hair scar has the particularity to be placed without you needed to tie it! This head scarf is very useful for active women for everyday this is the perfect accessory. This is the perfect hair cover for the day and as well for the night.

How to put a kaly hair scarf?

YomYom Hair Scarf

These hair scarfs are made of veil and are made to be tie on the side with an elastic for hair. You can wear it with a volume base for hair to have better look. This elegant head scarf can be wear for the day and for the night.

How to put a YomYom hair scarf?

Yomi Hair Scarf

This hair scarf is part of the YomYom family. This hair cover is shorter so easier to put on your head and can easily be tie on the back of your head or on the side of it to get more volume.

You can wear it with a hair base to have more volume. This is the perfect head scarf for the days and the nights with a head jewel.

How to put a yomi hair scarf?