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Round, square, elongated or oval face, for each morphology there is a scarf to highlight your features and balance your physiognomy. Discover all our tips to choose the right scarf for you, the right volume and knot!

Round face: Our cheeks are there to be seen, they give us a baby look. The shape of our face is naturally soft, and we can wear almost anything.

To accentuate our angelic look, choose a nice volume with the boubou made of foam! Wear it with a C.chic and you will be graceful and elegant !!! For the knot we choose a nice fluffy knot. 

Long face : our cheekbones are high, and our chin is very thin.

Our cheekbones are pronounced, so our advice is to soften them with a volume that is not too imposing. We even go so far as to dare wearing our beautiful scarf 2.0 simi yomi without a boubou.

Tie your yomi to the side for a casual, chic look.

Square Face: Choose a well assumed femininity with a vaporous and elegant head scarf for women: you will love the precious yomi! Remember to tie your scarf on the side for a feminine look.

 Triangular face: Our forehead is broad; our chin and our jaw are narrow. Our cheekbones are not prominent, or rather nonexistent. It is necessary to accentuate the volume on the top.

Mix: wear the simi rl (originally designed to be worn without a boubou) with a medium volume boubou …. because after all we wear what we like! For the knot, go for the pineapple knot on the forehead.

Oval face: Adapt your scarf to your mood, desires and trend …. Above all enjoy, because you can wear absolutely anything !!!!

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We would like to talk to you about this wonderful mix of romanticism and modernity for the Summer 2019…  Rinati Lakel is giving you……. organza , pleats, frills and dots to create movement and to give life to your style.

What does the season look like ? A deceptively well-behaved minimalism: the silk square is coming back and will be the scarf of a fashionable femininity….

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