You know how some days you wake up with an urgent need for an energy or morale boost?

At Rinati Lakel, we believe in the power of colors. Wearing certain colors can help you present yourself in a certain way, and can empower, energize and rejuvenate you.


The most common headscarf color is black, and it really is no wonder. Black has traditionally been a symbol of power, sophistication and formality, making it a perfect choice for important meetings or classy parties.

Perfect Combos: Add a tad of white for pure, clean energy; blue for a sense of trust and security; red for intense energy.


Gray and Silver can be a tricky pair. While gray often seems conservative and boring, it in fact displays a dependable and practical personality. Silver is an enhanced version of gray, displaying a modern school of thought and sleek manners.

Blue and Purple

The colors of royalty, blue and purple hold a special place in our hearts. Blue/purple hues project a peaceful, calming energy, and provide a sense of trust, security and wisdom.

Perfect Combos: Silver will enhance any look featuring blue and/or purple, and will add a sophisticated, classy vibe.


The blossoming and fresh green is always a breath of fresh air. Green reminds us of nature, wealth, and collaboration. It helps us instill a positive, fertile vibe in the room, and brings a refreshing nature to any conversation.


Energy, passion and action are all the main characteristics of red. We recommend using red sparingly, to add a touch of fierceness and leadership to any outfit. Choose a headscarf with red undertones, or add a red accessory to make any outfit pop.

Perfect Combos: Blue and white both pair perfectly with red, and create an invested, goal-oriented look.


Looking to create new relationships? Feeling adventurous? Orange radiates happiness and warmth, and helps you create emotional strength, and portray support and recovery. Optimism, uplift and spirit rejuvenation are all related to the orange color, making it perfect for professionals in the mental health field, marketing and sales departments, and communications experts.

Perfect Combos: Green and blue help the orange become more subtle, thus combining green and blue with orange creates a well-balanced atmosphere.


Pink is a feminine, soft color, representing a compassionate and thoughtful personality. Pink also reminds us of innocent childhood times, and allows us to use our intuition and insights, without compromising positive energy and hope.

Perfect Combos: White, gray and mint green.


The color of purity and innocence, white is perfect for holiday season, mid-summer events, or spiritual occasions.

Perfect Combos: As a pure color, white can be combined with literally every other color on the planet. Choose black, gold or silver for sophisticated, sleek looks; red, blue or purple for enhanced nuances or green, orange and yellow to add a bright, fresh vibe to your look.

The Rinati Lakel Collection features endless color combinations โ€“ from casual to elegant, from colorful to solid. Our team will be happy to help you decide on the perfect color combo for your next event!