If you’re fashionable, up-to-date with the latest trends, and a woman with a unique sense of style, we’re sure you’ve heard about our brand – RINATI LAKEL. Established in 2008, our mission was to provide beautiful, high-quality and lightweight headscarves for all women. Each headscarf was carefully designed and chosen by Rinati, and made to last as indispensable wardrobe essentials.

The brand’s flagship item is of course the Boubou volumizer, designed to make covering your hair simple and beautiful, but just a volumizer isn’t enough. That’s where the beautiful headscarves come in!

Yomi Casual Headscarves 

The Yomi casual headscarf collection includes an enchanting array of French-style headscarves for elegant women. It’s easy application make it suitable for night and day, and it is available in plain or print fabrics, to match any day-to-day outfit. 

Tip: For a unique look, accessorize your Yomi with a lacy, silky or tulle headband, or add a jewel for that extra sparkle!

Rinati Lakel Collection Headscarves

The diverse COLLECTION headscarves are released every 3 months, and include a limited selection of beautiful and trendy headscarves designed with the season’s favorite materials, prints and designs in mind.

These headscarves are usually suitable for events and parties, and use elegant materials and accessories to enhance their beauty and appeal. 

Turban Collection

Some days, we all need a turban for a precise, exact and sharp look. The COSI adjustable turbans are available in several material and accessory combos, and all ensure an unforgettable appearance. 

Stylish Berets

You know that moment, when you need to run out of the house to a meeting, work or an event, and simply have no time to tie a scarf? Or perhaps you don’t enjoy fussing about every morning? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our collection of comfortable berets will allow you to easily cover your hair in style! Each beret has a unique design and color combination, and will make sure you shine!

Haute Couture Headscarves

Important event coming up? Have a dress, but you can’t find a matching headscarf? Our Haute Couture option provides you with a one-on-one meeting with a personal stylist, who will help you figure out the right style, tie and scarf for your face shape, dress and skill-level. 

Another option is filling out the intuitive online form with details about the required scarf, and receiving a response with a selection of scarves to choose from – it’s that simple!

As part of the excellent service, and because Rinati Lakel really cares about modesty, head covering and each customer, she’s created a unique tutorial section on the website. The section features the Kaly headscarf, which requires minimal tying, and is perfect for active women and daily use.

Another tutorial is dedicated to the YomYom headscarves – a popular Rinati Lakel staple, and a separate tutorial explains how to don a Yomi scarf the perfect way.

We hope that while visiting our website you’ve gained inspiration, imagination and a true sense of worth.